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Glasses - LOOKBOOK STORE / Singlet - Topshop / Jeans - Kenzo / Necklace - RUE GEMBON / Extensions - AB HAIR

I first saw these Kenzo jeans months ago at a Mr Start sale and have been furiously searching for a pair in my size ever since. However, when I found them again for 70% off, I decided to ignore the fact that they were 2 sizes too big and just belt 'em. I like them baggy and they go perfectly with my favourite sunglasses!

Photos by GWEN


My Portfolio - Catalogue Magazine issue 7

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I received a parcel in the mail yesterday from my mother containing all sorts of Easter goodies as well as the latest issue of Australian based Catalogue magazine, featuring a series of shots I took profiling 3 up and coming British designers. I've attached a few shots above, however feel free to check out the rest in my portfolio HERE



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Jumpsuit - OH MY LOVE / Jewellery - LARA BOHINC

I recently returned to London from Morocco, it was my first trip outside the UK since I arrived last year and it was INCREDIBLE! This jumpsuit by one of my absolute favourite high street brands, OH MY LOVE was perfect for the heat and looked so pretty against the coral coloured city. I'm already losing the little colour that I gained while out under the sun however which means it's probably time to start saving for the next trip!


My Portfolio - Painted Desert

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While I was in LA last year, I had the honour of shooting this feature for one of my favourite brands, NASTY GAL, out at Salvation Mountain, near Slab City, in the Colorado Desert. It was undoubtably one of the highlights of my trip, we had a ball road tripping to location, loaded with gas station treats and neon clothing, and shot for hours despite the extreme desert heat.

See the full feature and credits HERE and more of my work HERE



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Dress - LOOKBOOK STORE / Jumper - Vintage / Jewellery - LARA BOHINC

I'm not too good at formal dressing, however I really like shiny things so this dress kind of works for me as a happy, dressy accident. 

Photos by Gwen


My Portfolio - Katya

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 photo 22_zps3cbf8399.jpg

These are still some of my favourite pictures that I've taken since being in the UK, the concept and outfit was so simple, It was a lot of fun cutting and pasting and scanning the shots together to create these resulting collages. KATYA is an incredible model, one of the sweetest girls I've met, and yes, her legs really are that long.

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Baby Blue

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dress - LOOKBOOK STORE / tee - vintage / ring LARA BOHINC / Glasses - Dries Van Noten / Hair Extensions - AB HAIR

It's freakishly warm in London right now, like no need for stockings weather, so I'm breaking out the raw hemmed denim and baby tees in all their pastel glory. I've also recently found myself in possession of these incredible clip in mermaid locks from AB HAIR, which are really handy when you hair refuses to grow past your shoulders (like mine does). They are super easy to apply, see demonstration HERE, and if you want some, they're offering a 15% discount to anyone referred from this blog with the discount code: LauraJ15

Photos by Gwen


My Portfolio - Catalogue Issue 6 'Label Watch'

 photo 1_zps433b279c.jpg
 photo 2_zps5026421f.jpg

The latest issue of Australian based Catalogue Magazine hit the stands today, I'm very excited to share my photos featured inside. In anticipation, here's a few shots I took for their last issue featuring the work of some incredible, British, up and comers - Mary Benson, Somewhere Nowhere and This Is The Uniform - the gorgeous Sophie @ IMG, and Hair and Makeup by Olivia at Glasshouse Salon

Click through HERE for more of my work



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Sweater - SCOTTS / Shirt (as skirt) - Urban Outfitters / Hat - Vintage / Shoes - Docs

Mens sweaters are the best, they're baggier, boxier and hang nicer than women's options I think, this grey Lacoste one from SCOTTS is my new favourite because it's Merino, which is great and this hemisphere is getting pretty chilly right now. 


Eye Spy

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 photo 3_zps81f37ca1.jpg

 photo 4_zpsb9862f3c.jpg

 photo 5_zpsd73d01e6.jpg

Jumper - Zara / Skirt - CHOIES / Shoes - CHOIES 

Photos by Kitty



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 photo 2_zpsae6adaa9.jpg

 photo 3_zps0fa9d146.jpg

Jacket - Brick Lane / Jumper - CHOIES / Bomber - Topshop / Shorts - CHOIES / Shoes & Gloves - Elliots

Gwen took these shots for me just down the road from my house. It's pretty cold now, but that's ok because layering rules and all the shops are having sales. Also CHOIES is pretty ideal for cheap, warm pieces to chuck on over everything else.

Photo credit to Gwen & top left photo credit to Kitty



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 photo 2b_zpsd650ff25.jpg

Jumpsuit - MISSGUIDED / Shoes - CHOIES / Necklace - MARTOFCHINA

I had the pleasure of shooting VIRGINIA @ IMG the other day wearing one of my new favourite brands. You know when you stumble upon a website and want to buy literally everything on offer? Well MISSGUIDED had that effect on me. It's a dangerous predicament, but needless to say, you'll be seeing a lot more of it on my blog over the next little while.

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JD Sports

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 photo 4_zps5e162a88.jpg

 photo 5_zpscecf4b5f.jpg

Nikes - JD SPORTS / Jacket - Vintage / Jumper - Vintage / Shirt - UO / Shorts - UO

I finally caved and got a pair of Nike free runs, and totally get the hype now. They're pretty much the lightest, most comfortable shoes to exist, and if you have messed up feet (cheers 17yrs of ballet training) that are as blister prone as mine, then they're kinda a godsend.

Photos by KAREN
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